Most people like sleep well enough. But then there are those of us that find time in bed otherworldly; heavenly, even. The late sleepers. The work-from-under-the-sheeters. The restless lovers. The snooze button smackers. The late night creators. The constant cuddlers. The choose-sleep-over-anythingers.

We designed bedding in two weaves of world famous Egyptian Cotton just for you, you beautiful sleepyhead.

Amora Sateen


Luna Percale


Bed. Heaven.

The world's most comfortable sheets


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Wash after wash, they held up as our favorite sheet through many a blind feel test. They’re extremely soft with a light sheen; smooth and silky, but not so much you were sliding around in them… an instant bedroom upgrade.
It looks gorgeous.. it complements the wall art above the bed, making it understated but intriguing.
Hot at night? You’ll want to slip into these sheets. We like the sateen, which feels like cool silk on the hand and remains so all night long.
Their roster of heavy-hitting celebrities who sleep in cloudten includes many household names. What’s more, from creating all-natural sheets that are never chemically washed or artificially softened, to having the same price for any sheet size, they are committed to providing an amazing product in an honest and artistic fashion.
They’re soft, cool, and very cozy. They’re damn near perfect. Both are clearly quality sets.
I swear it’s taken me years to finally find a set of sheets that I absolutely love, but I finally found them. cloudten has changed the sleeping game across all boards. Not only do they come in the perfect shade, but they are also the most luxurious and comfortable sheets you’ll ever sleep in.
One of their values that consumers have embraced is authenticity. That value includes characteristics like consistency and transparency.
It’s no surprise that such high caliber clientele are choosing to lay their heads on cloudten given the company’s sleep products are notoriously made from ethically and sustainably-crafted Egyptian Cotton—a material long-revered as the apex of bedding luxury. But, even so, all Egyptian Cotton goods are not created equal, and this company strives to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.