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What’s Up With Thread Count?

It’s the number one question we’ve been trained by conventional marketing executives to ask when looking at buying sheets: what’s the thread count?
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Luna Percale vs Amora Sateen - What's the Difference?

In today’s bedding world, there are so many adjectives and terms to describe sheets it has created a confusing scene: which is exactly what marketing teams behind subpar products want. If you’re confused about what something means, but it sounds nice, you just might buy it.

Here at cloudten, we didn’t spend more than a year perfecting our Luna Percale and Amora Sateen Bed Sheets to confuse you. We like to keep it simple, because when it comes down to brass tacks, there simply aren’t any other companies making sheets this nice for anything close to these prices.

Now, on to the fun stuff. We have laid out the differences between Luna Percale and Amora Sateen below, but if you have any other questions about them, please feel free to email our amazing customer service team by clicking here. They love answering questions and are absolute experts in finding you the material that you’ll enjoy most.

Both Luna Percale and Amora Sateen

Luna Percale and Amora Sateen are both different weaves for the same fabric: 100% Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton. Despite arguments for other materials from fledgling bedding companies, Egyptian Cotton remains the absolute king of bed sheet materials because it is built to last, is breathable and easy to clean, and it continues to get softer with each wash. Our Egyptian Cotton is expertly combed to remove any impurities, and only dyed using the most natural and safe colorings in an artisanal process that passes the highest levels of safety and environmentally-conscious certifications.

Now for the differences…

Our Luna Percale Sheets are the highest-quality of a Percale Weave, which means that the cotton sheets are woven in a classic one-over, one-under fashion. This tightly woven style gives Percale its simple, matte appearance and its light, breathable feel.

Many people compare our Luna Percale to the feel of a crisp, perfect button-down white shirt. These are true all-weather sheets, but absolutely ideal for warmer sleepers or summer months. You can try them out for 100 days risk-free by clicking here. If you don’t like them for any reason, we’ll help you donate them to a non-profit organization in need and refund your money.

Amora Sateen: The Ultimate Sleep Experience

Ah, the Amora Sateen. When our team set out to create Bed Heaven, this is what our dreams consisted of. Sateen is a pure Hyper-Combed Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton that is woven in a ‘one-under, three-over’ style, giving it a more weighted, buttery softness. Visually, Amora Sateen has a beautiful silky lustrous quality, and it lays on the bed as a high-quality luxury product should. Ideal for any temperature situation, these sheets are perfect for snuggled up comfort in a responsibly-crafted, chemical-free cloud of quality. Each sheet set you purchase also helps create a homemade blanket for a terminally ill child spending time in the hospital through Project Linus, making your selection even more meaningful.

 In Conclusion

Whether you’re a Luna or an Amora, one thing is for certain: you’re getting non-toxic, high-quality bedding at the best pricing around. So what are you waiting for? Come join us a bit further up than cloud-nine by clicking here, or add straight to your cart below!


Luna Percale vs Amora Sateen, Which One Are You?

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What Makes These Sheets Special?

We’re happy you asked. The team at cloudten has been working tirelessly over the course of a year to create the best sheets ever made: small-batch crafted, 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets made and hand-checked by European Artisans. Each person who works on cloudten sheets lives in a developed country with minimum wages, extreme levels of safety certifications, and vacation days.

Our unique sheet-making process also utilizes a facility that only burns bio-gas, meaning mainly steam and natural oil, using all environmentally friendly dyes, and fabric that meets the highest grade of OEKO-TEX Certification. We don’t believe in having bad karma in our beds, so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t either.

We don’t call these sheets Bed Heaven for nothing. Whether its our Luna Percale Set, or our Amora Sateen, these sheets have been crafted with the world’s most unique mix of long-lost traditional workmanship and today’s most comfortable technology.

This means that, for a price more affordable than a pair of sneakers, you get sheets that get even more comfortable with age, always stay cool, never lose their tight fit on your mattress, and will last a lifetime. What's more, each sheet set purchased helps fund a homemade blanket for a terminally ill child spending time in the hospital through Project Linus.

We’re so confident you’ll love these sheets, we’re offering a ridiculous industry-best 100-Day Risk-Free, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee. If you try out our sheets for 100 days and still would like to return them for any reason, we’ll refund you and help you donate your set to a non-profit organization in need, such as Habitat for Humanity.

Responsibly Crafted + Non-Toxic + Artisan Made Damn Amazing Sheets. Grab a set or two here, or shop below!


The World's Most Comfortable Sheets

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What is cloudten?

Welcome to the cloudten website – we’re happy to have you here. You may be scrolling around and thinking, what is cloudten? Who are these crazy people who decided to dedicate their lives to making sure I get an amazing sleep in the world’s best sheets?

You see, cloudten is all about the search for your own personal paradise - whatever that may be. What drives you to continue creating art, what motivates a hard day’s work? cloudten is a state of absolute bliss: big smiles, peaceful sighs, authentic laughter- that one moment all the other work was worth it for.

For us, we found nirvana wrapped up in cotton sheets that were responsibly-made and artisan-crafted at the end of a long day, and it is with sincere joy that we share these sheets with you. We made these sheets for those who, like us, find their beds to be a center of happiness and a base for dreaming, loving, and creating. We’re obsessed with making artistic and unique content for the late sleepers, restless lovers, late night creators, constant cuddlers and choose-sleep-over-anythingers; even you, snooze-button-smackers. And while we find our paradise between the sheets, we’re here to embrace and document the journey for every individual’s cloudten, whatever and wherever that may be.

So it is with the dream of building a community of sleep-loving artists and creators that we set out on the cloudten journey.

Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook for bed-loving, life-celebrating content – and from our team to yours, welcome to bed heaven.

Shop cloudten sheets by clicking here, or add straight to your cart below. or add straight to your cart below.




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