Why I Upgraded My Bedding

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"Once you realize that you spend 1/3 of your life rolling around in the sheets you choose, it really forces you to think about what goes into that bedding."


Here at cloudten, we wholeheartedly believe that if you choose to sleep in quality sheets, it will have a tremendously positive impact on your life.

Choosing to sleep in chemical-free, responsibly-crafted bed sheets is just as important as the decision to eat organic over processed food, or to take your work calls while walking instead of sitting at a desk; it all adds up to a healthy, clean way to live.

Because of its nightly contact with your skin, your bedding actually has a more significant impact on your skin's health than any one piece of clothing; it is much more comparable to your choice of face wash or cosmetics.

Don't take it from us, though! Here are a few excerts from recent cloudten customers about why they decided to up their bedding game:

Samanta G. from Brooklyn, NY:

"I admittedly never really thought about the quality of the sheets on my bed. I've had the same two sets since my mother purchased them for me at the beginning of college - and they've traveled with me since then. After catching cloudten on Forbes recently, I decided to try them out - and it was one of the best purchases I've made, ever. The sheets aren't jersey soft, because that would get way too hot and sweaty; but they're also not rough or sticky like my old polyester blend. I now realize why people call Egyptian Cotton the ultimate luxury material for bedding!" 


Alex Q. from El Paso, TX:

"I really like to think of myself as someone that strives for a healthy lifestlye. I exercise regularly, eat organic foods, and meditate regularly. When I first came across cloudten, it immediately made me realize that I don't put the same effort into ensuring that I sleep in the most healthy environment possible. This was a great buy, and I expect to continue as a cloudten customer for years to come."


Ylvana R. from Seattle, WA:

I like sleeping. Like a lot. My bed is my favorite place on earth, so when I saw these sheets (while shopping in bed), I said screw it, let's do it. Best. Decision. Ever.


Here at cloudten, we take your sleeping seriously. Try the sheets out for a full 100 nights; still don't love them? We'll donate your returns to an organization in need. It's time to upgrade your bedding, and join us in Bed Heaven. Click here to learn more about the sheets, or shop directly below!

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