The Real Secret to Clearing Up that Pesky Acne

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We’ve all been there. You’re not a teenager anymore, and you’ve got a life to live; business meetings to crush, dates to swoon. This is not the time for a damn zit to pop up and ruin your beautiful face vibes.

The cosmetics complex is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut whose job it is to convince you that putting some $200 Antarctic elephant serum on your face is going to clear your skin. More often than not, it doesn’t.

Here’s one simple, scientifically proven, easy way to clear up your skin: change your pillowcases more often. We often don’t think about all the oils that transfer between our faces and our pillows, leaving the same cases on for way too long. That 1/3 of your life spending in bed is supposed to be rejuvenating your skin, not dousing it in last week’s oil.

So here’s our proposition: grab a set of naturally and ethically made Egyptian Cotton pillowcases from cloudten, and try to switch them out every few days for a month. If that doesn’t at least help clear up your acne, we’ll give your money back. We’re that confident. 

What are you waiting for? You’ve got a life to live, naps to have, and dates to get back to that bed.

With love,

-the cloudten team

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