GQ's Favorite Stuff: cloudten sheets

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cloudten's Amora Sateen was recently selected as GQ's favorite bedding after hundreds of blind feel tests. 


Cloudten is not going to blow you away with options: there are percale sheets and there are sateen sheets, and they come in two colors and plain stitching: dark gray (smoke) and white (snow). What they lack in options, they make up for in quality: Wash after wash, they held up as our favorite sateen sheet through many a blind feel test. They’re extremely soft with a light sheen; smooth and silky, but not so much you were sliding around in them or felt like a guy who calls his apartment a “Bachelor Pad.” Plus, the “smoke” color just looks like an instant bedroom upgrade—bold enough to be interesting, but without having to worry if it’ll match any of your other linens. They’re made sustainably, they’re simple, they feel great.

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